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Frequently Asked Questions

Because Royal Mechatronics provides its customers with privileges in many technical issues and provides 24/7 technical support after sales.It is one of the few companies that has completed the automation system installation and integration under its own structure. For this reason, if the customer encounters any problem within the automation system, it is sufficient to contact our company.In addition, Royal Mechatronics has manufactured machinery for many machines that produce with the finger car system, and can offer its customers a proven facility reference in the sector as well as technical drawings.The quality of all kinds of mechanical, hydraulic-pneumatic and switch automation materials used during machine manufacturing has a proven position in our sector as Royal Mechatronics.. In the production planning meetings held with its customers before the sale, it determines the brands of the parts to be selected according to the easily accessible in the target country.

The estimated completion time for the production of our projects that we plan for each customer is 90 working days.Times may change on the density of production.

Paving stones can be produced on machines with double bunkers.Through of the second bunker we add to our machines, the thin material in the upper layer of the paving stone can be added.According the mold you use, you can also produce paving stones on machines with a single bunker, but you cannot add a thin layer of material.